How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dumpster in El Paso

Let me guess; you have a big job in El Paso that requires a big dumpster. Search no further than Rio Grande Waste Services. We offer dumpster rentals and waste management services for residential homeowners, business owners, construction companies, and industries. How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in El Paso? 

We have a long history of providing exceptional dumpster rental service, and you can expect to get the best prices for your El Paso project. In this article, we cover dumpster rental prices in detail; How is your dumpster price calculated? Are there hidden costs, and how can you keep expenses low?

How to Calculate Dumpster Rental Price for El Paso?

Dumpster rental prices can be straightforward. Home Advisor averages a dumpster’s cost to be $380 per week. However, the actual cost could be higher or lower, depending on various factors like dumpster size. The cost of renting a dumpster in El Paso depends on many factors, and below are things considered when calculating your dumpster price.

Rental Length

Depending on your project size, you’ll keep the dumpster on site for some time; this refers to the rental length, period, or timeframe. You can rent a roll-off dumpster for a day, a week, or even two weeks. Renting a roll-off bin for a shorter time frame can cost less than long-term rentals. Notably, if you extend your rental, you can expect to add a fee to cover the additional days, which are usually prorated and can start to form $10 per day.

Ask your provider about rental plans and set one that fits your project needs. Rio Grande Waste Services can accommodate any rental period, whether monthly, weekly, or daily schedules. 

Cost to rent a dumpster in El PasoDumpster Size

At Rio Grande Waste Services, you can get a 15 or 30-cubic yard dumpster. The container size can also influence the cost of renting a dumpster in El Paso. And the volume of the waste to dispose of determines the dumpster size you need. The price of a 30-cubic yard container is higher than that of a 15-cubic yard dumpster. 

Our 15-cubic yard bin is perfect for small home jobs producing dense debris like bath or kitchen remodeling. You can also order this size for home cleanouts like the garage, attic, or basement decluttering.

Our 30-cubic yard roll-away is more spacious compared to 15-yard containers and is ideal for extensive remodeling jobs, cleanouts, and demolition. 

Debris Type

The debris type is another factor determining the cost of renting a dumpster in El Paso. The charge for disposing of toxic debris like electronic waste can differ from the cost of disposing of acceptable junk. Your hauler will need to know the type of garbage you want to eliminate before scheduling your dumpster. Mixing permitted and prohibited waste can be a costly decision. Avoid loading reactive, flammable, and highly explosive materials into your roll-off dumpster. 


The tonnage of the trash is another factor that can influence the final cost of renting a dumpster. If you fill beyond the weight cap, you can expect an additional overage fee to cover the disposal of the extra tons of waste. The flat rate fee covers the dumpster’s weight limit. 

Dump Fees

Typically, the disposal sites charge per ton to accept garbage dumping at their facilities. The cost can be between $20 to $100 per ton of debris, which is factored into your flat-rate fee. 

Best Dumpster Rental Prices in El Paso, Texas.

Rio Grande Waste Services is the best El Paso dumpster rental company if you’re looking for the highest quality dumpsters and service. Contact us, speak with a real person, and get the right solution in minutes.