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15yd Dumpster

Dumpster sizes range from the smallest to the largest, and this 15-yard container is one of the common sizes at Rio Grande Waste Services. Regarding the dimensions, this dumpster size is 15ft long, 5ft high, and 8ft wider. This receptacle is the ideal dumpster size that fits tight driveways and tight spaces, which other dumpster sizes can’t do. 

What are the common uses of a 15yd dumpster? A 15-yard dumpster is the jack of all trades, tackling residential cleanouts and construction debris disposal. This dumpster size is the ultimate solution for minor residential updates, garage decluttering, deck replacement, window, and bathroom renovation. You can also rent this dumpster size for construction jobs in inaccessible locations. Whether you have residential clutter or yard debris that needs to go, Rio Grande Waste Services delivers beyond expectations. 

Tell us about your project type, size, and nature of the debris, and we’ll be happy to help you remove trash in an eco-friendly fashion.

15 yard dumpster rental
30 yard dumpster rental

30yd Dumpster

A 30-yard dumpster is another option we offer here at Rio Grande Waste Services. It measures 22ft long, 6ft high, and 8ft wide, offering the ideal capacity for extensive home cleanouts, construction projects, remodelings, roofing, landscaping endeavors, and much more. Although larger than a typical residential dumpster, it can be the best option for home additions, estate cleanouts, and multi-room remodeling projects.

Are you planning a demo job? Our 30-yard dumpster rental is suitable for removing deck debris, patios, and shed debris. This unit can also accommodate construction waste like concrete, dirt, bricks, drywall, civil projects, large roof replacements, and wood waste. Whether you’ve got medium or large construction projects, we’ve got the best dumpster sizes.

Do you need a dumpster size for foreclosure cleanout? Rio Grande Waste Services is a reliable hauler, serving estate managers and landlords. Contact our customer support to evaluate your waste management needs and sign you up for the right dumpster size.

Two Standard Dumpster Size’s

Working within your budget for construction, renovation, and general home decluttering projects is critical. And one way to do this is to get the best dumpster service on the market. At the Rio Grande, we supply two different dumpster sizes tailored for unique residential or commercial construction site clean-ups. 

Understanding Dumpster Size Calculation

We realize that dumpster sizes can be confusing sometimes. 

Choosing the right dumpster size begins with understanding how we calculate its dimensions. 

Typically, we measure dumpster sizes in cubic yards, a unit of volume. A cubic yard is a three-dimensional measurement representing a cube, each being one yard in length. 

When determining the appropriate dumpster size, factors such as the type and amount of debris, the available space for the dumpster, and the scope of your project come into play.

Are you wondering what dumpster sizes fit your job? Or perhaps you need to know the dumpster sizes available at Rio Grande Waste Services. When renting a roll-off bin, you’ll realize that every provider emphasizes the dumpster size. The number one reason for this is you don’t want to spend money on a container space you don’t need or end up with a smaller roll-off—the major culprit for additional dumpster fees. 

Ideally, customer support can ask about the scope and nature of debris to help evaluate the right solution for your job site in El Paso or Doña Ana County. Rio Grande Waste Services customer support can help you easily maneuver your dumpster rental process. 

Affordable Dumpster Sizes

While the cost of a roll-off dumpster depends on the size, it doesn’t mean it will cost you a lot to rent a bigger container. At Rio Grande Waste Services, we personalize dumpster rentals to fit your unique needs. And this means we look beyond the container size when creating a free estimate for you.

Whatever container size fits your waste disposal, we strive to keep our dumpster rental prices competitively low and transparent. Some variables to look at when choosing a dumpster size include the scope of work, materials, and the available parking space for the container. Speak with our agents; they’ll treat you to world-class dumpster rental customer service.

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