Avoid Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in El Paso

Do you need a dumpster for commercial, residential, or construction projects in El Paso? Finding a dumpster rental in El Paso can be easy. The rental process is relatively fast here at Rio Grande Waste Services, providing the bin when and how you need it. Pricing is crucial when renting a dumpster, and understanding the overage fees is equally important. We make it straightforward to get a free dumpster rental quote for El Paso. Certain charges, also known as dumpster overage fees, can apply and could impact your flat rate fee. Dumpster rental overage fees only factor in certain instances, like when you overfill/load the container or toss in prohibited garbage. Below are ways to avoid dumpster rental overage fees in El Paso.

Know the Correct Dumpster Size for Your Job

What dumpster size fits your El Paso home project? We supply a variety of bin sizes for small, medium, and large-scale waste removal jobs. The dumpster size you schedule can determine the fees to pay, and extra charges can apply if you overload the container beyond its weight limit or fill junk to the brim. 

Understanding the correct dumpster size to request for your project can save you from the hassle. A large dumpster size, like our 30-cubic yard container, has more weight allowance, and the smaller bin offers a lower weight limit. Our dumpster expert can guide you if you don’t understand the ideal roll-off container to schedule. 

Familiarize Yourself with The Rental Dos and Don’ts

Another thing to help you avoid overage fees is understanding the dumpster rental policy. The rental agreement clearly states the agreed rental time, and acceptable and prohibited debris, among many other details. It can also help you know the drop-off and pick-up details, which can help you avoid dry run fees. Furthermore, it can help you understand the charge for any extra ton exceeding the weight limit.

Our customer-dedicated support team is happy to explain everything to you so you know what’s required of you when renting the container. For example, creating obstruction-free parking space for the container can help you avoid delays and spending more money. 

Schedule the Dumpster Pick Up on Time

Dumpster rental length depends on the job scale and the debris size. Extensive dumpster rental length costs more, but you can customize a period that fits your budget. Keeping the container on the job site for days or weeks beyond can cost extra. You can avoid this by ensuring your bin is up for pick up according to the schedule.

Planning your schedule ensures you set up dates that accommodate your project. Aim for a more extended rental period if you anticipate producing enormous debris. We keep time, and our crew shows up when it is time to haul your container. We’re accommodative if you need to extend your rental or need to customize a new rental time frame for the job.

Understand the Acceptable Trash

Another crucial thing is knowing what to toss in the trash dumpster. Acceptable garbage varies depending on your city, and putting prohibited debris can attract additional fees. Rio Grande Waste Services accepts construction debris, landscaping waste, home junk, and demolition waste. You should not toss hazardous waste like medical waste, tires, gasoline, paints, batteries, or electronic waste. Not only are these dangerous garbage toxic, but they also could start dumpster fires. 

Disposing dangerous waste requires a different strategy, and only experts can handle it. We’re ready to guide you if you’re looking for reliable solutions to eliminate toxic waste in El Paso. Contact Rio Grande Waste Services for a 15 or 30-cubic yard roll-away container. Same-day dumpster rental in El Paso is available.