Guide to Dumpster Permits in El Paso

A dumpster permit is a document that permits you to utilize public space. You will rarely need this document when renting a residential dumpster. The area you need to reserve for a dumpster depends on the container size, and you’ll still need enough room to allow easy drop-offs and pick-ups. For instance, the Rio Grande Waste dumpsters range between 15 and 30 cubic yards. The length of the 15-cubic yards roll-off is 16ft, and you might need more than 16 feet of distance on your property. You can use the public right of way if there isn’t enough space. This is the point you’ll need a dumpster beforehand. Working with professional customer support can help determine when and how to get a dumpster permit. Call Rio Grande’s customer support for options when renting a dumpster. This article is a guide to dumpster permits in El Paso. 

When Do I Need a Dumpster Permit?

Discussing matters concerning dumpster permits upfront is crucial to avoid hefty fines for mistakes you would’ve avoided. Most construction, demolition, or remodeling projects leave you with no space for a dumpster on your property, which means you need to use the street. 

So what drop-off areas require a dumpster permit in El Paso? You’ll need dumpster permits to place a roll-off container in the alleyway, sidewalk, town square, mall, park, public green spaces, and convention centers. Our truck driver can only put a dumpster in these and other public areas with an official right-of-way permit. Blocking access points and public spaces can result in fines from the local authorities. 

You don’t have to stress about a permit if putting the bin in your private driveway, backyard, or any other personal property. A discovery call with us can help establish if you need a dumpster permit in El Paso before renting the bin.  

How to Get a Dumpster Permit? 

Once you know if you need a dumpster, it’s time to check with the homeowners association if you have one. HOA has various regulations, and you want to avoid risking fines or warnings. The next step is applying for the dumpster permit, which is a temporary permit application in El Paso. 

You’ll need to submit your application information, including the name, address, and temporary use site information. What is the cost of getting dumpster permits in El Paso? 

Cost of Dumpster Permits in El Paso

The Department of Environmental Services provides permits to place a container on the sidewalk or to get a right of way at approximately $6 per month plus tech fees. Check with the department for an accurate dumpster permit fee.

You might need the dumpster rental company names and contact information when applying for the temporary permit. The right of way permitting is valid for the project duration, so you should know the start and the end date of your job.

Also, know the exact street location where you want to place the bin. You should put a dumpster away from fire hydrants, parking meters, loading zones, and bus stops. You should also give other drivers and road users a clear line of sight. 

Reliable Dumpster Rental in El Paso

Rio Grande Waste Services provides the right information, making your dumpster rental experience a breeze. Our customer reps are customer-oriented and ready to help you at every step. We have experience getting dumpster permits in El Paso, so we’re the right company for all your needs. 

We have two types of dumpster sizes, 15 and 30-yards, ready for rent. Call us for premier waste collection solutions. Our dumpster rental estimates are free, and we’ll go above to exceed your expectations.